Pilot Resources

Aircraft Parking will be on a first come, first served basis until space is full. Have a diversion plan ready if we have to turn you away. We will park you if we possibly can, but no arrivals will be accepted after 12:00 noon. No parking spaces will be reserved.

Fly-in pilots and passengers will not be charged admission to attend the event.

KSUZ is uncontrolled airspace… please call in on frequency 122.8 when 10 miles out and expect to receive traffic advisories. Runway 2 is RIGHT pattern and runway 20 is LEFT pattern… don’t get them confused.

Land and exit the runway as soon as safe, follow the Parking Marshals directions to the parking area. Once parked, you will not be allowed to leave until the airshow has ended and the runways officially re-opened.

After the airshow begins, you will not be permitted to watch the show from under your wing as the parking area is inside the aerobatic safety area. So please be aware that you must vacate the aircraft parking area before the FAA will allow the show to begin at 1:00 pm.

For ease of traffic flow after the show, exits will likely be in reverse order of arrivals. Marshals will once again be there to direct you…

And lastly… Please be patient with us, this is our first show at KSUZ and we want to get it as right as we possibly can the first time. We have brought in some of the best airshow talent in the country and hope you have a great time. We are looking to make this an annual event and the premier show in the mid south. Thanks for coming!!